Denmark Holiday Outings and Activities

Rainbow over Lights Beach

Rainbow over Lights Beach

Cycle to the End of the Rainbow?

There's a cycle / walking track from Lights Beach to Madfish Bay, and I regularly go on a bike ride to Madfish or Greens Pool from Lights Beach. And as I was cycling back to Lights Beach, this stunning and almost full rainbow appeared. They are a regular sight here – it's called the Rainbow Coast for a reason!

Greens Pool , William Bay National Park

Greens Pool in William Bay National Park

A Swim in a Perfectly Natural Pool?

About 20 km from Rainbow House, Greens Pool is probably the most popular tourist destination in the Denmark area, and for a good reason: A big beach area almost fully enclosed by rocks, making it a very safe swimming area. And when the sun is out, the water has this stunning turquoise colour.

Greens Pool is in William Bay National Park, east of Denmark heading towards Walpole.

Lake William

Lake William, Not Far from Denmark

Take some Time to be Alone

A short stroll from Lights Beach, Denmark, and only a few hundred metres off the Bibbulmun Track is this scenic, natural, freshwater pool, Lake William.

Opening of the Inlet

Opening of the Wilson Inlet


Before and after: Removal of the sandbar

Every year or two, when the water level in town reaches a certain level, Wilson Inlet gets manually opened. This year it was particularly early due to lots of rain in winter, on 19 July. Last year it was in October. It's quite a spectacular event that attracts lots of viewers.

The first photo was taken a couple of hours after the opening, the second one the next morning - by which time much of the remaining sand bar had been washed away.

The inlet will stay open for 3-4 months and then close naturally again.

Falls of Forth

Falls of Forth


Watch the Thundering Falls

The "Falls of Forth" are on the Kent River, north-west of Denmark, about a half hour drive away. After the heavy rain we had in winter, the falls are thundering away, and quite impressive to watch. Lots of foam comes from the tannin of the surrounding trees, and although it makes the water brownish, it is very clean, and perfectly drinkable!

Sunset at Lights Beach

Sunset at Lights Beach


One of the Many Beautiful Denmark Beaches

Lights beach is just 6 km from Rainbow House, Denmark. It is a favourite beach for watching the sunset over William Bay. This photo is taken from the Lookout, quite close to the carpark.

Usually there are not many people there. You can sometimes see whales. Humpback and southern-right whales come by here. If you have a good camera you might be able to get some good shots.

The Bibbulmun Track crosses the beach and you can walk on it into William Bay National Park

Kayaking on the Denmark River

Kayaking on the Denmark River


Hire a Kayak on the Denmark River

Denmark being on the water, lends itself to kayaking. There are a couple of places where you can hire kayaks. One such place is Rivermouth caravan park. They provide everything you need like a safety-vest.

Early in the spring not many people are doing it, but as the weather gets warmer you see them much more regularly. People look relaxed and are having fun. They paddle themselves from the inlet up the Denmark River into town.

Sinker Bay

Walk to Sinker Bay


A Denmark Holiday Walk

Here is a suggestion for a nice and easy Denmark holiday outing, while you are staying at Rainbow House. Drive 5km to Ocean Beach and then walk half an hour to Sinker Bay.

Sometimes Humpback whales come into Sinker Bay.



Denmark Town Sign

Welcome to Denmark Town


Denmark Western Australia.

Denmark is a coastal town located on Wilson Inlet in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, 423 kilometres (263 mi) south-south-east of the state capital of Perth. At the 2011 census, Denmark had a population of 2,280, however the population can be several times the base population during tourist seasons.

More about Denmark Western Australia on Wikipedia